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In the meantime if you have any further questions, feel free to email, hello@merishastevenson.com and a member our team will be happy to help.

We look forward to working with and can’t wait to see you achieve your joint and individual financial and money goals.

How Do We Know If Couples Coaching is Right For Us?

If talking about money is challenging? If you are concerned that one or both of you are committing financial adultery and / or if your values and behaviours with money are different and not complimentary, then couples money coaching coule be exactly what you need to get on the same track!

Who is Couples Coaching for?

All couples, who want to improve their relationship and communication around money.

Do I have to attend with my partner?

No. Whilst it is ideal to do so for all sessions, it can be advantageous for one or both partners to have an individual session in order to explore their own behaviours and beliefs. Having said that, you cannot do the work for both people alone, so you both do have to participate to gain the benefits.

If your partner is completely unwilling, but you are committed, then individual sessions might work better for you in the short term.

How long is each session?

1 hour, and can be completed face to face (post lockdown) and online via Zoom.

How can I convince my partner that we need coaching?

You can’t. Facing our finances and discussing money can feel very personal and as such is genuinely challenging.

Both of you have to be willing to face the issue and work together to address it. The one guarantee we can offer is that our money coaching service provides you with a safe space to address your finances, free from blame and recrimination.

What behaviours may suggest that my partner and I will benefit from couples coaching?

If the following behaviours, patterns or concerns exist, then book in for a complimentary session to explore your options: –

  • One partner deals with all the money & the other has no involvement / interest,
  • You have different attitudes to debt,
  • One of you is a spender and the other is a saver, and it creates tension,
  • You argue regularly about money,
  • You’ve had an unexpected financial change (loss of job or won the lottery),
  • One or both partners are committing financial infidelity (lying to each other about spending habits & debts),
  • Have separate bank accounts,
  • If you come from different socio-economic backgrounds,
  • You have no joint financial goals,
  • You are about to buy a house, start a family or start a business.

nb: this list is not exhaustive, but gives a good indication of the issues that may exist / arise.

Is money coaching for couples only beneficial to their finances?

No. Through money coaching you will learn much more about each others value systems, core beliefs and triggers.

Coaching of this nature improves your understanding of each other, intimacy and communication. It provides you with tools that help to enhance trust and teamwork.

The aim is to equip you with the tools to grow together, as opposed to growing part.

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