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Mobilise Your Money

8 Hours – 8 Weeks – 8 Participants

How It Works

Get Real

Effective financial management is about knowledge, techniques and habits. Which means that we can all improve our finances through learning more and applying that knowledge. But to do that, you have to get real with yourself, and take action. You have the power to achieve the life you desire.

Choose a Money Circle

Money circle coaching provides you with an opportunity to learn alongside like-minded peers. There are currently 3 money coaching circles, focused on budgeting & debt, property and general investment.

Decide on the right one for you, or do all 3.

Achieve Your Goals

Joining a Money Circle guarantees results, so they are only for you, if you are ready to improve your finances.

Regardless of which Money Circle group you join, you will achieve real results within 8 weeks, and be well on your way to achieving financial freedom.

Budget My Growth (Saving & Debt Management Money Circle)

Managing your debt and your budget is key to creating financial freedom. This money circle is focused on helping you to gain control of your financial situation and make tangible progress towards achieving your goals.

In this money coaching circle you will,


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– identify patterns impacting your budget
– develop knowledge and tools for better budget management
– tackle debt and build credit
– make better financial decisions

Get My House in Order (Property Money Circle)

Want to get on the property ladder, and not sure where to start? Maybe you are keen to begin a portfolio, but are worried that you don’t have the money to resources available to make it happen? Well through this programme you will gain insight into how to get your property journey started sooner, rather than later.

In this money coaching circle you will,


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– gain insight and knowledge about the mortgage market
– identify the real challenges associated with your home purchase
– develop a plan and contact base for achieving your goal in a specific time frame
– gain clarity on all options available to you based on your current circumstances
– build your credit profile
– make better property buying and financial decisions

Get My Money Working for Me (Investment Money Circle)

Earning money while you sleep is possible for everyone, but how do you get started in the world of a beginner? Through this programme you’ll gain the knowledge you need to get started in investment and plan the growth of your portfolio.

In this money coaching circle you will,


More Details

– gain knowledge of investment options available to you based on your budget
– gain an understanding of your risk profile and how that impacts your investment choices
– find out what questions to ask of financial professionals and to make sound investment decisions
– start to invest and get your money working for you
– develop a plan for your investment portfolio


"Making your money work for you course has been the foundation and context that I needed to truly understand how to fully utilise and understand the financial benefits of looking how you can effectively make the money which you earn form leaving the comfort of your home each day, work for you with looking at the practical options to plan for better financial freedom , financial personnel health.

Whilst I understood the majority of the terminology Merisha broke it down to a relatable level which gave me a lot of lightbulb moments.

I would highly recommend this course to everyone."

Valerie S

"I wanted to get my financial house in order and had no idea where to begin. I met Merisha and joined her money circle and the rest as they say is history. I work in finance but I was very risk averse. When interest rates took a nose dive I knew I had to do something different. The 8 week investment money circle has been so essential to giving me a firm foundation in different financial investments, establishing what my risk appetite is and helping me to create and implement my own financial plan.

Merisha is excellent at explaining things making what often seems like inaccessible complicated jargon understandable for all. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to make their money work for them."

Charlene W

Helping You Find Success With Tailored Coaching

A great alternative to individual money coaching; money circle coaching provides you with an opportunity to learn alongside like-minded peers.

Through the Money Circle group, not only will you gain a better understanding of your own relationship with your money, and the limiting patterns and beliefs that are hindering your financial success; but you will also develop with a group of individuals with whom you can share knowledge, experience and opportunities moving forward.

Your learning will take place in weekly sessions with your peers. However, to protect your privacy, you will also benefit from 2 individual, 30-minute sessions.

Got questions? Why not schedule a short 1-2-1.

What Is Money Circle Coaching?

How many people are in a money circle?

Max 8 people per group. 

Who will I be taught by?

You will have a Lead Coach who will oversea your entire programme. Specialist coaches may be invited to lead on specific financial areas such as forex or bitcoin training (where relevant).

Do I have to discuss my personal financial situation in the group?

Group members are asked to maintain a circle of trust and confidentiality. However if you are uncomfortable sharing in the group, you can speak to your coach privately.

Will I get any 1-2-1 coaching time, when I join the money circle?

Yes, you will have 2 private sessions with your coach.

How much time will I need to commit?

Weekly group sessions last a max of 1.5 hours & individual sessions are 30-minutes. Your programme is completed over 8 weeks.

What happens if I miss a session?

All group sessions are recorded and you will have exclusive access for up to 4 weeks after the programme completes.

Our Approach

Once you have booked your place, you will then become part of the Money Circle Group community.

Your individual sessions will be scheduled to take place during weeks 3 and 6 of the programme. The dates and times will be agreed once the programme starts.

Weekly ‘homework’ activities will be issued and they are not mandatory, but it is advised to complete them in order to maximum your experience.

You are encouraged to exchange details with colleagues within the Money Circle group for networking purposes.

You may be introduced to financial professionals throughout your programme, however you are not under any obligation to make use of their paid services.

Still Have Questions?