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Frequently Asked

Who do you work with?

I work with businesses and individuals, who are ready to work towards, financial freedom and abundance.

As a consultant, I can offer various forms of support to your business including working with you on bespoke pieces of work and to deliver workshops.

For individuals, I offer wealth coaching, which is either person centred, couple focused or in group sessions.

For individuals wanting to develop journalism and media skills I have begun to create content which can be downloaded free or purchased (depending) to support your needs.

Can I just book some time with you?

Yes, of course. Please take advantage of the free 1-2-1 sessions that I offer. (Though they are limited to 1 free session per person / business.)

For longer sessions a small fee is payable and can be booked online.

Where do you work?

The world has changed and so I am happy and have capability to do a lot of work with you online.

However, as things return to ‘normal’, I am happy to work with you at your offices or in school.

Do you contribute to media?

Yes, I have completed several interviews online, on radio and on TV. Whether it is an interview or another form of contribution (paper review etc) I am generally happy to participate if it relates to business and finance. Some of those appearances can be found here.

I do also speak on other subjects – check out my blog.

Plus, I host events and been keynotes speaker, award ceremony host and business event host for a variety of events over the years. Send a message for more details.

How much do you charge?

It depends on what you need, so schedule in a free chat and I’ll be happy to assess your needs, answer your questions and explain my rate card.

Online Coaching Resources

Couples Money Guide eBook (coming soon)

Financial compatibility can be the making of your relationship. But how do you know if you can share bank accounts and not just attraction?

Preparing A Great Interview

Great guests help your platform to grow, and great interviews will attract high quality guests. Find out how to create interviews that keep your audience coming back for more.

8 Week Money Circle Groups

Earn money while you sleep by learning to invest. Whether it’s property, the stock market, bonds or bitcoin, this programme introduces you to the basics of them all.

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