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What Exactly is the Business Bounce Back programme?

the Principle

Businesses have been exposed! The weaknesses and strengths of all industries and sectors have come under the spotlight, and some were more prepared for this than others.

Ensure that your business is never caught short again and is positioned so that it is ready to exploit opportunities, mitigate risk, build on strengths and eradicate points of weakness. Don’t just Bounce Back and Recover, when you can grow and scale your business in a way that you had only dreamed of before.

This is for you, if you answer yes…

Would your business be different now, if you had known that the Covid 19 pandemic was going to happen ahead of time?

Was your business affected (positively or negatively) by the pandemic?

Did the impact take you by surprise?

Were you kicking yourself for not being more ready?

Are you still trying to catch up?

Do you want to pivot your business to a new or additional audience?

Feel like you’re lacking knowhow / resources to explore the new opportunities?

Our Approach…

In order to know where you can go, we need to know where you are. So, our approach begins with a 360° analysis of your business which gives insight and visibility to the key aspects of the internal and external environments that you are operating in and the subsequent risks and opportunities that require mitigation and exploitation. This data is used to develop a strategy that will support your business’ recovery, sustainability and scalability.

Choose the level of support you want and let’s get started.

Bounce Back Basics

Understanding the Basics is the beginning of your journey. This involves a detailed analysis of the internal workings of your business to identify its strengths and weaknesses, risks and vulnerabilities. In addition to this, an analysis of the external environment is also conducted giving insight into opportunities that will benefit your business.

Bounce Back Bonus

Exploiting Your Opportunities is core of the bonus programme. At this level, all of the analysis undertaken to gain the Basic insight, is transformed and interpreted into a clear vision and strategy for your business. The strategy will be developed to provide a risk-based approach, to achieving your goals. Remember, where there’s risk, there’s opportunity!

Bounce Back Bespoke

Your Vision is clear; Your Strategy devised and now it’s time to get there. The Bespoke programme extends on the Bonus to provide you with dedicated support to scale your business using the business intelligence gathered throughout the remainder of the process. Your vision and strategy will be transformed into a roadmap to your destination.

We Also Deliver Hands-On Bounce Back Workshops

Schedule a workshop that will equip your team with skills for leading your in house Business Bounce Back activities. Use it to complete key analysis with your team and develop a suitable strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my business benefit from the Bounce Back packages?
Knowledge is potential and implementation is power. The Bounce Back packages have been created to provide you with information designed to empower and help you establish your next steps.
Through understanding what’s performing well; the risks to your operation; your performance against competition, and the opportunities available to you, you will have the tools to map out your next steps and structure your business and activities for growth.
What information will I get?
Through your personalised Business analysis you will receive data which will help you identify a large amount of information about your business and environment. This includes,
– areas of your business that are performing well and areas where improvements can be made,
– contextual information about your business direction, it’s brand position, growth targets and risks depending on the activities you undertake,
– factors that can negatively impact the success of your business and hinder its growth,
– your competitive advantage and how to strengthen the position of your organisation against the competition,
– any detrimental elements in your operation and how to overcome obstacles particularly those created when growing your business, and
– a financial strategy uniquely created for your business that reflects the current environment, your growth plan and the marketplace.
How does it work?
Once you select your package and place your order, you will be contacted for a consultation meeting. Lasting up to 2 hours, the purpose of this meeting is to gather key information about the current position of your business, what you are hoping to achieve from your business and to explore information that gives us the intelligence needed to create your Business analysis & intelligence reports.
As these documents are bespoke, they will be completed within in 14 days for the Basics package, and within 28 days for the Bonus and Bespoke packages.
Upon completion of your reports, a further 1-hour meeting will take place to take you through them. From this you will have clarity about the steps you need to take next, to achieve business sustainability and growth.
How long does it take?

The Basics package is completed within 14-days and the Bonus and Bespoke packages are completed within 28 days.

What's the process?
The work for each package begins with an initial meeting with the business owner / manager to gather key data. The format of this meeting is an interview you where you will be asked a number of questions about your business operation and the challenges you have faced.
Our team then utilises this information, together with our expertise to generate your Business Intelligence reports.
Upon completion of the reports, a final meeting is scheduled to take you through those reports to ensure you fully understand the analysis provided and to give guidance on how you can utilise the information moving forward.
Members of our team may contact you during our time working together to ensure accuracy of data provided or to gather further information if necessary.
What if I still need help after receiving my reports?

We are always happy to support you and the growth of your business. Therefore should you wish for further support after the completion of the initial work undertaken, you can book further meetings with us.

Simply book in to Speak To An Expert using this link or the one at the top of the page.

I won’t pretend, I was nervous about spending over £1k, but it was worth every penny. I got some real insight into my business and now understand why I was struggling to grow. Plus, through the reports I got clarity on how to take advantages of opportunities, I didn’t know I had. I made double my money back in 1 month and my growth strategy is going well.


Director, JT Wellness

Businesses in my industry have been booming, but not mine. I work hard so I wanted to understand why. I got a lot from the initial meeting we had, and the reports that followed gave me everything I needed to plan my business and personal growth for the next year.  


CEO, Nu Food