I’m Merisha Stevenson

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Abundance, Alignment & Authenticity!

Your Business

Where there’s risk, there’s opportunity! Find out how your Business can Bounce Back.

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Being Financially Free means that you can live your life, on your own terms! Are you ready?

Your Brand

For people to buy from you, they must buy into you. So, do you know how to tell your story?

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MONEY: My Own Natural Energy Yield

It’s NOT all about the MONEY, but instead about living life the way you want. Financial freedom is achievable for us all, and comes much easier when we are living authentically and aligned to our purpose and natural abundance. So my support is holistic and focused on building your Brand, Business & Bag.

Have you found the power in your story?

Is your relationship with money sabotaging you?

Are you struggling to scale your business to the next level?

Do you have a strategy for living your life freely?

About Me

I’m a lover, not a fighter; except when it comes to my coins (money). Though when dealing with my ‘bag’, I’m a spender, rather than a saver. If it’s a choice between taking a risk which could make me some gwop or being conservative to preserve what I have – you’ve probably guessed it, I going with the former.

But here’s what I’ve learned over years of being on a financial rollercoaster – my monetary wealth was less to do with my natural ability to make the moolah, and more to do with my relationship, knowledge and beliefs attached to those shekels. I realised that my Mindset is my Economy and its here where my seemingly unrequited love with the skrilla became much more reciprocal.

Making money (or spondulix as my father sometimes

 calls it) is in my blood. My dad’s an entrepreneur and my mom’s a grafter. I saw first-hand the benefits of working smart, and hard; and think I managed to become a combination of the two (with a few bumps, bruises and lessons along the way).

And now for me, playtime is over.

I’ve done the work and I want to share the benefit of my broken pocket and heart, rebuilt finances and faith, and subsequent breakthroughs to financial freedom flourishing to wealth, with all who want to join me on the journey.

Abundance comes from aligning with our authentic selves; and it is through abundance that we can achieve true and real wealth.

Are you ready to be the you; you’ve always wanted to be? I am!

p.s. Professionally things have been more straight forward. If want my actual CV – click here…

Align to Purpose

Couples Money Guide eBook (coming soon)

Financial compatibility can be the making of your relationship. But how do you know if you can share bank accounts and not just attraction?

Writing for Radio & Podcasts

Writing cues is core skill needed for radio and podcasts. It introduces a story, feature or interview. There are 3 main parts to writing a cue. Find out what they are for free.

Get My Money Working for Me!

Earn money while you sleep by learning to invest. Whether it’s property, the stock market, bonds or bitcoin, this programme introduces you to the basics of them all.

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